Dick Smith Foods10260530
Dick Smith Foods10260530

Latest update on the closure of Dick Smith Foods

Sorry, We're Closed


Dear Supporter,

Here is an update as we close Dick Smith Foods.

The closure is progressing but being drawn out due to stocks of labels etc. At this stage, we expect to be winding the company up in about June this year.

You should still be able to find most of the products in-store, whilst some have begun the transition to the manufacturers own branding, others will ultimately disappear.

We are pleased to say that the Bushfoods Breakfast and possibly the Peanut Butter will continue under the Farmers Co brand, which is a family owned brand run by a former Dick Smith Foods employee, Scott Pearce. Scott’s dad, John Pearce, was instrumental in helping to get Dick Smith Foods started some 20 years ago, so it is fitting that Scott is to carry on the legacy.

The Fruit Spreads, Ozemite, Honey and Tomato Sauce will continue on under the manufactures ownership. They plan to keep the same ethos, i.e. Australian ownership and Australian ingredients wherever possible.

We have now closed our Dick Smith Foods office at Terrey Hills. The 1800 number for the products will still be active whilst there is still Dick Smith Foods product on the shelves.

It is a sad time, but keep in mind that we managed to give away over $10 Million to worthwhile causes over the last 20 years and we might even get to donate a little more after the last product is sold.


Thanks for being a part of the journey.

Dick Smith Foods