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Our Story


It's simple. Dick Smith Foods are made in Australia by Australian owned companies using Australian grown ingredients. We know that in Australia we have the most Magnificent Australian grown produce, manufactured here in safe, controlled factories, within our strict food manufacturing and labelling laws. We also believe supporting local industry is important because it provides employment for Australians and all the profits remain here, helping the future of our Australia.

Dick Smith Foods supports products which are produced by Australian owned businesses, which are Australian grown and made, and we support Australian owned companies which operate in a highly ethical manner. We encourage you do this by making the most powerful statement you can as a consumer, with your buying choices.

Since the beginning, Dick Smith Foods has donated over $10 million to more than 500 charitable organisations.

Read about Dick's inspiration to give All Profits to Charity

As Australian as you can get


What do we mean by “As Australian as You Can Get”? Firstly, nothing is 100% Australian – nor should it be. In a globalised world we want to be able to export to other countries and if you are going to export you obviously have to be prepared to import. Having said this, the present situation is not balanced and appears to work against Australia. I have always said and I believe countries should do what they are good at in this globalised world. The Swiss make the best watches, the Chinese the best electronics and Australia grows the best food. However, it does not appear to be operating in that form, for example at the present time we are a net importer of fruit and vegetables.

By “As Australian as You Can Get”, we mean that as much of the money possible you spend stays here employing Australians whether it is in processing factories, on the farms or anywhere in the workplace. And it's not just about being 'Australian Made'. In fact, the term 'Australian Made' seems to be pretty well hijacked by foreign owned companies who ship all their profits overseas. By "As Australian As You Can Get" we mean as much of it as possible is made in Australia and as much of it as possible is owned by Australian individuals or Australian companies so the profits stay here.

Let’s give an example of how hard our job is in achieving “As Australian as You Can Get”. Recently when we decided to produce a new product in glass, we quickly found READ MORE

The OzEmite Story

Like many Australians, I was amazed to find that Vegemite was American owned - at the time by Kraft and the Phillip Morris Cigarette Company.

I decided it was time we had our own Aussie yeast spread, so I came up with the name, OzEmite and announced the proposal on national television. Two weeks later I learned that Kraft had heard of my plans and registered the name OzEmite in an attempt to stop me from going ahead.
In a segment headed ‘Kraft’s Dirty Tricks’ on A Current Affair, journalist Mike Munro asked a Kraft executive “Why go out and deceptively register OzEmite?” The executive responded, “We register a number of trademarks”. When asked by Mike Munro

A bit about Dick


Richard Harold “Dick” Smith is a well known businessman, aviator, film-maker and explorer. He was born on the 18th of March in Roseville, NSW. As well as Dick Smith Foods, he is the founder of Dick Smith Electronics and Australian Geographic, and was selected as the 1986 Australian of the year. In 2010 he founded the production company Smith&Nasht with the intention of producing films about global issues. In 2015 he was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia, READ MORE

Our Contribution

Dick Smith Has Been Supporting Australian Organisations


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