Dear Supporter,

Dick Smith Foods is now closed. There is no more of our branded product being produced and stocks remaining in store are likely to be minimal, if there are indeed any at all.
Some of the products are still available as have they have been continued under the maufacturer’s own brand, such as the Ozemite, Ozesauce and Fruitspreads (Ozespreads).
The Peanut Butter and Bush Foods cereal are available under the Farmers Co brand, run by the former General Manager of Dick Smith Foods, Scott Pearce.
Whilst the products are the same, they have no affiliation with Dick Smith Foods, or Dick Smith at all now, however the various manufacturers plan to keep the same ethos of Australian ownership and Australian ingredients wherever possible.
Since the inception in 1999, Dick Smith Foods managed to generate some $11.7M for charity over 20 years, to say nothing of the income generated for Australian manufacturers and farmers.
That’s a pretty decent result and could not have been done without the support of everyday Australians buying the products.