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With the generous support of the Dick Smith Foods Foundation, CARE has been able to fight poverty across 94 countries and make a lasting impact on the lives of millions of vulnerable people around the world. We work in education, health, emergency relief, and combatting hunger – and all of our programs have a special focus on women and girls.

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Women and girls bear the brunt of poverty; too often girls miss out on school, women do not have secure, paid jobs, and women die needlessly during pregnancy and childbirth. We put women and girls at the heart of our work because we know we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. When women are healthy and educated, our experience shows their family will be too. And when women earn an income, they invest it in the health and education of their children and families. When one woman escapes poverty, she will bring four others with her – that’s a powerful way to create lasting change!

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Your support is helping girls go to school, women earn an income, and access to lifesaving healthcare is improved. In short, you are creating a more equal world. Thank you! If you would like to read more about our work, visit care.org.au

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