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Recipient Update

The $20,000 donation that For The Animals received from the Dick Smith Foods Foundation will be used to assist with the work of the Wildlife Rescue Team (working with the Wildlife Alliance) who recently won a UN award. Despite the incredible work that the team is doing, it is underfunded. The continuation of their work is a major priority as the team interrupts wildlife trafficking from all over the world as it is moved through SE Asia to China. Approx 4 bear cubs are rescued every quarter by the Rapid Rescue Team and delivered to Free The Bears, another Australian not-for-profit that cares for bears in captivity after the team has rescued them. Even though this work is being carried out in Cambodia, it has ramifications for the whole world, including Australia.

The team are also working on a new project to begin production of a line of jewellery and decorative accessories made with snare material collected from the forest. The project will have a two-fold benefit in that it will encourage the removal of deadly snares from the forest and it will create an income for villagers who might otherwise rely on poaching for a livelihood.

One of their aims is to set up programs that generate income so that the projects become sustainable without additional donations.

If you would like to read more about what they have been up to, check out: