Dick Smith Foods10260530
Dick Smith Foods10260530

$5000 REWARD

Published on: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

5K Reward

Dick Smith said, “I spent over $50,000 to run important public advocacy advertisements (see below) in The Australian, the Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph asking Lucy Turnbull a simple question.

“Everything you spruik is geared to endless perpetual population increase … do you actually admit that we will have to stop growing at some time?  When will that be?” 
asked Dick Smith.

“Lucy Turnbull has been allowed to get away with avoiding the question that is of concern to eight out of ten Australians,” said Dick Smith.

“I have therefore decided to give a $5,000 reward to the first journalist who can get an article published in major news media in Australia detailing Lucy Turnbull’s response and whether or not she believes there is a ‘sweet point’ and we will have to stop growing at some time,” said Dick Smith.

The offer remains open for three months and entry is by submitting a copy of your article. The journalist who submits the first article will receive the $5,000 reward.

For further information contact dick@dsi.com.au

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