Dick Smith Foods10260530
Dick Smith Foods10260530

Dick Smith’s bio

Dick Smith, well known businessman, aviator, film-maker, and explorer was born on 18 March 1944 in Roseville.

A brief outline of his achievements are listed below:

  • First Trans-Tasman Balloon flight – 2000
  • Founded Dick Smith Foods – 1999
  • Chairman of the National Centenary of Federation Council – 1996-2000
  • Appointed as Ambassador for the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation – 1998
  • Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Board – 1997-1999 & 1990-1992
  • First non-stop balloon crossing of the Australian continent – 1993
  • Awarded the Lindbergh Award. An annual world-wide award given to one individual for lifetime achievement of a balance between technical advancement and environmental preservation – 1992.
  • Founded Australian Geographic in 1986 and returned the Australian Encyclopaedia to Australian ownership in 1987, sold to Australian-owned John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd – 1995. Now privately owned following management buy-out in 1998
  • First person to fly around the world via the poles in 1989 and made the first helicopter flight to the North Pole in 1987. Australian of the Year for 1986
  • First solo helicopter flight around the world – 1983
  • Founded Dick Smith Electronics 1968 (which was sold to Aussie-owned Woolworths in 1982)
  • Awarded the Baden Powell Award in 1966 after 14 years in the scouting movement


  • Dick Smith’s Population Crisis (2011)
  • Above the World (1996)
  • Solo Around the World (1992)
  • Our Fantastic Planet (1991)
  • Two Years in the Aviation Hall of Doom (1984)
  • The Earth Beneath Me (1983)

To find out more about what Dick has been busy with recently, visit: https://www.dicksmithfairgo.com.au/