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Dick Smith Foods10260530

Australian Made, Owned and Grown

Not Only Australian Made But Australian Owned

What do we mean by “As Australian as You Can Get”?

Firstly, nothing is 100% Australian – nor should it be.

In a globalised world we want to be able to export to other countries and if you are going to export you obviously have to be prepared to import.

Having said this, the present situation is not balanced and appears to work against Australia. I have always said and I believe countries should do what they are good at in this globalised world. The Swiss make the best watches, the Chinese the best electronics and Australia grows the best food. However, it does not appear to be operating in that form, for example at the present time we are a net importer of fruit and vegetables.

By “As Australian as You Can Get”, we mean that as much of the money possible you spend stays here employing Australians whether it is in processing factories, on the farms or anywhere in the workplace. And it’s not just about being ‘Australian Made’. In fact, the term ‘Australian Made’ seems to be pretty-well hijacked by foreign-owned companies who ship all their profits overseas. By “As Australian As You Can Get” we mean as much of it as possible is made in Australia and as much of it as possible is owned by Australian individuals or Australian companies – so the profits stay here.

Let’s give an example of how hard our job is in achieving “As Australian as You Can Get”. Recently when we decided to produce a new product in glass, we quickly found out that we could buy the glass bottle from an Aussie owned company, but the bottle was imported, or we could buy the bottle from a foreign owned company that manufactured it here in Australia. After doing the sums we realised that buying the bottle that was manufactured in Australia, was “As Australian as You Can Get”. This is because it employed workers and a greater amount of money in the cost of the jar would stay in Australia.

There are some ingredients that only come from overseas – for example some vitamins which are not available from Australian processors. I was recently told that there is virtually nothing available in Australia that doesn’t at least have some input from America, China or Europe. This is understandable, however it does not diminish our support for Australian farmers and workers.

In some cases we have found the printers ink for the label is only made overseas. In that case, that is where we get it from.

Yes, we agree that there may be a product made by a small family processor that could individually be slightly more “Australian” than ours. However, overall in relation to our Dick Smith Foods products we are positive that we are “As Australian as You Can Get”.  Last time we checked we found that over 95% of what is spent by Australians on Dick Smith Foods products stays here in Australia – that’s why we say “We are As Australian As You Can Get”.

You can be assured by buying the Dick Smith range of Australian foods that they will be, “As Australian as You Can Get” as you will also be supporting the home team as we have done the hard work to ensure that the maximum amount of what you spend remains here in Australia.