Dick Smith Foods10260530
Dick Smith Foods10260530

Another iconic Aussie food company set to become foreign owned.

Published on: Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Yet another Aussie food business is being sold overseas and with it go brands that Australians have long grown up with – Helga’s, Wonder White, White Wings, ETA, Praise, Crisco and Meadow Lea, just to name a few.


Singapore based Wilmar International and Hong Kong based First Pacific look set to buy Aussie food icon, Goodman Fielder.


Dick Smith say, “With more than 80% of product in a typical supermarket trolley already either imported or coming from a foreign-owned company, how long will it take for this figure to reach 90% or even 95%?  And as these businesses go overseas, so does Australia’s wealth”.


“But does this truly reflect the purchase intentions of Australians or is it being forced upon us?  Over 70% of Australians state they try to buy Australian made as often as possible.  However, even the most patriot consumers who want to buy Australian-made-and-Australian-owned find they increasingly don’t have a choice and the problem is becoming exponentially worse”, says Dick Smith.


“So if you’re looking to support Australian farmers and manufacturers whilst keeping jobs and profits in Australia, make sure you put Dick Smith Foods in your supermarket trolley”, says Dick Smith.


Published 21/05/2014