Dick Smith Foods9214330
Dick Smith Foods9214330

Banned Peanut Butter TVC

Published on: Thursday, July 6th, 2017

This video was banned for its shocking ideas. How very Dick Smith!

This is the peanut butter advertisement that Dick Smith prepared about ten years ago when he originally launched our fantastic peanut butter with Australian grown peanuts.

In those days, Kraft was owned by the Philip Morris cigarette company – the leading seller of cigarettes to our young children.  When Dick prepared the ad and presented it to the TV stations, they refused to run it. They made lame excuses like, ‘you can’t run cigarette advertisements and you can’t criticise another advertiser’. In the end the advertisement was run with the Peter Jackson box hatched out and other changes. But here is the actual original ad.

Isn’t it incredible! The second ad after this one is an ad which was prepared by an advertising genius, Trevor Fearnley, who owned Ad Partners.  We didn’t use it at the time, but if you think it’s a good ad, we will.

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