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Dick Smith Foods10260530

Dick Smith Secret

Published on: Friday, August 19th, 2016

Censored by the Murdoch Press!

Mr Murdoch – tear down this wall – reverse the Dick Smith censorship

Can you believe it? Over the past twelve months I have committed myself to relaunching Dick Smith Foods because I passionately believe in the importance of an Australian food industry. I have prepared the attached magazine to go as a paid advertising insert in 2.4 million newspapers across Australia.
I was absolutely staggered when Mr Kim Williams – the CEO of the Murdoch press in Australia – after only seeing the cover, rejected my magazine and the $180,000 I would pay to run the insert in his papers.
I suspect it is about protecting the big foreign-owned multinationals who are major advertisers and have no interest in food security in our country.
This is a disaster for the re-launch of Dick Smith Foods, as the Murdoch press owns 70% of our print media. It also means the magazine will not be available at all in Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart where News Limited has a total monopoly.
If you also believe in free speech, could you assist me by sending Mr Murdoch a tweet (@rupertmurdoch) stating, “Mr Murdoch – tear down this wall. Reverse the Dick Smith censorship”.
The insert will appear in Fairfax publications from this Thursday 16th August.  Or you can download a copy by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of this page.

STOP PRESS – Because of absolutely no support from the mainstream non-Murdoch media in relation to the rejection and censorship of my Forbidden Ideas magazine, I have been forced to reprint the magazine and effectively censor any mention of the Murdoch press.  This magazine is no longer called ‘Dick Smith’s Magazine of Forbidden Ideas that you Won’t Read About in the Mainstream Media’ – it is now called, ‘Dick Smith’s Magazine of Aussie Grown Foods and Other Interesting Ideas’.  I am ashamed to have been forced to do this, but with absolutely no support from the mainstream non-Murdoch media, especially the ABC TV news and current affairs, it means that over 70% of people who read print media would never have been able to find out about the story of Dick Smith Foods and our plan to assist Aussie farmers through the magazine.  Yes, the Murdoch media has won this one outright.  I believe there is a strong message for all Australians here.


Attached at the bottom of the page is the new revised magazine that has been modified for inclusion in the Murdoch press.  I suggest you look at each copy to see the censorship.


This magazine sheds light on the most incredibly important issues to all of us.

Published 06/08/2012


Download the magazine by clicking the attachment below