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Dick Smith Foods10260530

Dick’s Christmas Message

Published on: Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Santas cookies

Dick’s Christmas message for all of our supporters.

Probably the best thing that happened this year was the fact that Vegemite is now back in Australian hands.

Those who have been followers of Dick Smith Foods for a long time will remember that this was the reason Dick Smith Foods started in the first place. It was when I found that our iconic Vegemite was owned by the Philip Morris cigarette company and Kraft. This meant that all the profits were heading off overseas and going to a company that was exploiting our children by selling them cigarettes.

It is absolutely wonderful that the product is now back in Aussie hands.

Of course, we still have our Dick Smith Foods Ozemite, and because it is gluten free, the two can stay on the market beside each other – both helping to keep the profits here in Australia.

As you can probably see, we have now reached over $9 million in helping people, but times are really tough with us. Our turnover has dropped, and we are always contemplating whether we should close the company or not.

Any suggestions of how we could somehow improve sales would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes for a happy Christmas!

Dick Smith

P.S Don’t forget to leave out Santa’s cookies… (everyone knows he comes to Australia for the Ozenuts ones)!