Dick Smith Foods10260530
Dick Smith Foods10260530

Echoing your concerns

Published on: Monday, August 22nd, 2016


Dear Dick

Recently I listened to the Radio National discussion on the supermarkets’ “battle” you took part in. Your views about Aldi confirmed some feelings I had had about them the couple of times I was there so I looked up your Dick Smith Foods website and had my feelings justified.

The price on the supermarket shelves is NOT everything as the Australian public seems more and more to believe it is.

We believe that competition is great for bringing down prices and we sometimes think that buying products from Third World countries is good for their economies but it’s only good if it brings their wages up to a fair rate not if it just drives down wages etc for Australian farmers, factory workers etc. Then only people like Aldi benefit.

And, of course, “food miles” and their resultant use of fossil fuels and C02 emissions are part of the deal.

I’ll certainly be happy to buy and enjoy your melting moments and fruit spread for just 20c more and won’t have to feel concern about buying St Dalfour spread from France as I do now.

These concerns echo those I have about coal seam gas fracking and its dangers to prime Australian agricultural land; to the rights of farmers on their land and to the artesian water basins on which Australian farmers and graziers rely so much.

So, Dick, don’t forget how many people value your ideas and the strength with which you put them forward.


Peg Walsh