Dick Smith Foods10260530
Dick Smith Foods10260530

Major Campaign Re-Launch with 10 New Products

Published on: Saturday, August 20th, 2016

It’s hard not to notice the constant push from supermarkets and consumers for lower prices on food. Between down down, prices are down and price knockouts you could easily be convinced that price is the sole driver of grocery sales in Australia.

According to Dick Smith these discounts come straight from the pockets of the already struggling Aussie Farmers and food processors, as they are squeezed and destroyed by this new form of extreme capitalism, and – even more frightening – this presents a risk, not just to our food security, but also to Aussie health. Whilst many of the Australian processors are findng it is impossible to sell to the major supermarkets because they say that Australians just want the lowest price, in fact these same companies are now exporting to the growing middle class in China, who don’t want the local product, but want an Australian quality product.

With constant price pressure from consumers, Aussie farmers are being dumped for cheaper imported products.  But consumers will get what they pay for – poor quality food grown in conditions we wouldn’t tolerate in Australia.  Just read the fine print on the labels – peaches from Swaziland, raspberries from Serbia, pickles from India, peanuts from Argentina, apricots from Turkey, asparagus (and almost everything else) from China. 

And where “country of origin” isn’t shown on labels you can be sure that it’s because the manufacturer is too ashamed to list where the product actually comes from.  They simply writemade from imported and local ingredients’, Dick Smith says.

“Aussies should stop and ask – what am I eating?  What am I feeding my family?  You just don’t know if it’s not Aussie grown and made.  It’s worth spending a few cents more to be safe”.

But Dick Smith believes Aussies won’t fall for this much longer – once they know the truth they will buy Australian just like some of the countries Australia is actually importing from!!

It’s amazing – the Chinese see the benefits in feeding their families our magnificent Australian grown and produced food.  They don’t want the Chinese stuff! Wouldn’t it be incredible if in future, to buy our Australian grown quality foods, we have to actually go to China and buy from a shop there, because our own shops are just selling the lowest price, lowest quality products from overseas. Even they know that our Aussie produce is better.  We just need to tell Aussies we are being ripped off and we’re taking huge risks by eating poor quality imports”.

Because Dick always “tells it like it is”, he is launching a campaign to revitalise Dick Smith Foods.  Soon there will be ten new all-Australian grown and made products which, he hopes, our Aussie supermarkets will support.  Keep an eye out for Dick’s advertisements, including the one attached, which will be running in Australia’s major newspapers from today, or see Dick Smith’s website www.dicksmithfoods.com.au.

Published 02/11/2011