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New Country of Origin labelling

Published on: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Until recently, deciphering the country of origin of products has been confusing and time-consuming.
The government is now implementing new labelling across all products, which will make it easier to know where your food has come from. By mid-2018 all food will have a country of origin label.
It’s intended to give consumers a clearer understanding of where their food comes from, tackling meaningless claims like “made in Australia from local and imported ingredients” when a product may only be minimally processed in Australia.

The new laws make clear that importing ingredients and undertaking minor processes, like dicing or canning, are not enough to justify a “made in Australia” claim.

More than 30 people across Australia contracted hepatitis in 2015 after consuming the same brand of frozen berries.
Will this change the way you shop?

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