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Dick Smith Foods10260530

Pensioner Gives Strong Support for Dick Smith Foods

Published on: Monday, August 22nd, 2016


Hello Dick and the Dick Smith Foods team,

I watched ACA on Friday night. I cannot get my head around what is going on in Australia. From this point on I will buy the Dick Smith product, no matter how much more expensive and I am an aged pensioner living on a single pension [$729 per fortnight]. But I don’t care. I will cut back another way. I will stay home more and therefore use less petrol – no matter. At least I will know, without having to read any labelling that all the contents are healthy and Australian grown. I was nearly ill when I saw the quality [??] of product from China etc. How do we know what we are eating and as the beetroot farmer said, the chemicals they use were banned in Australia 20 years ago. I am astonished to think that the Government does not care about such things and I am astonished to think that we are allowing our hard-working farmers – from generations back – to be left high and dry. The situation is an utter disgrace. 

The two big supermarkets should be ashamed of themselves. I am so over their claims and their greed. They tell us that they do what the customer wants – they are listening to us ……………. what utter rubbish. Many products that I have purchased for many years have disappeared from their shelves and have been replaced with their own home brand. And then they stand on TV and tell us that they do it for us. The arrogance of such claims leaves me speechless. 

Thank you for being you. I don’t always agree with all that you say but I love your fighting spirit for all Australians and I am so thankful that you are trying to support our farmers. The relief on the man’s face last night said it all. Think of the hundred of others out there in the same desperate situation.  It makes me want to cry. 

Before I close  – do Coles and Woolworths and IGA carry your range of Dick Smith Foods? 

 Again I thank you. You are the epitome of a true blue Australian. I am thankful we have you and I hope you never become disheartened. You must struggle sometimes – a little like flogging a dead horse but if we didn’t have you, then nobody would give a toss.

Kind regards,

Joyce from QLD

Yes – Coles, Woolworths and IGA do carry some of our products- please see ourstockists page to find out which products they each stock.
“By the way our foods normally only cost 20c or 30c more so the actual cost is very, very little”.