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Dick Smith Foods10260530

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OzEnuts Crunchy

The ever popular OzEnuts Crunchy Peanut Butter in a 375g unbreakable, recyclable plastic jar from Dick Smith Foods is loved by kids big and small, young and old alike. Made from the best quality Australian nuts, we know you will appreciate the taste. With no animal fats added we keep our sugar level to no more than 8%. Our peanuts are grown in the rich, red volcanic soil of Queensland's Kingaroy region, making our peanut butter rich in flavour and high in the 'good fats' your body needs. Why take the risk of lower quality imported peanuts when you and your family deserve the best.


Freshly roasted Australian peanuts (88%), sugar, vegetable oils, salt, stabiliser (mono and diglycerides). Palm Oil Free

Australian Peanut Farm Australian Peanut Farm


Servings per package: 18 Serving size: 20g