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Australian All Natural Tomato Sauce (OzEsauce)

With US food giant Heinz sacking Aussie workers and sending tomato sauce manufacturing overseas, and with market leader, MasterFoods, also being foreign owned and sending profits off-shore, it's hard to find a genuine Aussie sauce. Look no further! Our OzEsauce is made from magnificent Australian grown tomatoes (not imported paste) and is produced in Cobram, Victoria, employing Aussie workers. Surely it's worth 30 cents more to have the best tasting sauce, support our farmers and know profits are staying in Australia! If most Aussie families change their allegiance to OzEsauce, it would clearly show foreign multinationals we don't like to see Australian workers sacked and wealth being sent out of our country.


Tomato puree 80% (made from 100% Australian tomatoes), sugar, salt, vinegar, spice extracts

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Servings per package: 25 Serving size: 20mL