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Delicious Homemade Recipes

Oozy Oze PB&J chocolate eggs
These peanut butter and jammy eggs are so oozy and delicious. With a salty-sweet soft centre, why not try making some for the family this Easter?... Read more
Oze Honey Carrots
Try these super easy carrots as an Easter side dish - or any time of the year!... Read more
Ozzed Vovos
Eat these biscuits in a pair of budgie smugglers or add them to your high tea repertoire.... Read more
Golden Leaf Biscuits
Celebrate the return of another Aussie icon with these delicious OzEchoc and Violet Crumble flakey bickies.... Read more
Lammy-Roo Biscuits
You could make lamingtons like everybody else this Australia Day, OR you can have your treat in the tastier form of a Lammy-Roo Biscuit!... Read more
Banana and OzEnuts swirly smoothie bowl
What a tasty way to start the day! Smoothies are great, but smoothie bowls take things to a whole new level.... Read more
Chicken Satay Skewers
A delicious recipe sent in to us from Bernadette Hendry as part of our Australian Recipe Comp. Super easy and super tasty. Try it for yourself!... Read more
Pavlova jars with jam coulis
It’s Australia Day. You want to enjoy some Down Under favourites, but you also want to make the most of your day off. Don’t spend your day stressing in the kitchen! Throw your pav in a jar, get out and enjoy!... Read more
OzEnuts Gingerbread
A twist on the original  - with a hint of that OzE flavour! OzEnuts Gingerbread - Make it for Christmas, or right away!... Read more
OzEnut Butter Fudge
A delicious peanut fudge that's great to give as a home made gift. Home made gifts are the best (especially when they are made with OzEnuts). You can even recycle the jar for the packaging!... Read more
Dick Smith’s Fabulous Fluffy Scones
Light, fluffy and de-lish. Nothing says "Perfect Afternoon" quite like a plate of scones, served with cream, and our own Magnificent Strawberry Spreadable Fruit. Try these scones with any one of our fruit spreads, and... Read more
Double Choc Blueberry Muffins
For a flavour contrast this recipe for chocolate and blueberry muffins is really ideal. Everybody loves blueberry muffins, and everybody loves chocolate, so everyone will love these muffins!... Read more
Mum’s Muesli Slice
A delicious, moist and chewy muesli slice that is packed full of the goodness of Australian cereals, fruit and nuts, all moistened with yummy Australian honey. Such an easy recipe to whip up, ready to serve for that mid... Read more
Renae’s OzE Bliss Balls
Little round balls of sweet, chocolatey, nutty goodness. Really the perfect pick me up snack.Make ahead and take them to work! Ideal for when you want to reach for something a little healthier than the 3PM chocolate... Read more
Chloe’s Raspberry Coconut Slice
A delicious recipe well loved for Australian Recipe Competition. Coconut and Raspberry together for a treat that goes perfectly with a nice cup of tea.... Read more
Magnificent Marmalade Lamb Shanks with Vegies
A big congratulations to Debra Lahrs, the winner of our Magnificent Australian Recipe Competition. These shanks are delicious and surprisingly easy! Give them a go!... Read more
Sonya’s Flourless Peanut Butter Choc-Chip/Chocolate Cookies
Thanks Sonya for sharing your tasty OzEnuts peanut butter and OzEchoc choc chip cookie recipe. Super easy and very yummy.... Read more
Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Choc OzEnuts Fudge Sauce
The icecream on its own is delicious, but adding the warm topping will take it to a whole other level!... Read more
Peanut Butter Cake
For all our Peanut Butter fans, we have the perfect cake recipe for you! Mouth watering, gooey, moist Dick Smith Peanut Butter cake.... Read more
ANZAC Biscuits
During the war, the mums and partners of soldiers overseas became concerned about their loved ones getting enough nutrition from the rations they were being provided with.  ... Read more