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Welcome home VIOLET CRUMBLE!

Published on: Friday, January 12th, 2018

Violet Crumble returns


Another Australian Icon Returns!

A local South Australian business bought the brand back from Nestlé.

This agreement will bring 30 new jobs and a massive $4 million upgrade for Robert Menz as manufacturing will move from the Nestlé factory in Melbourne.

The state government was also contributed a grant worth $750,000 towards the sale.

Violet Crumbles were invented way back in 1913 by Abel Hoadley. Hoadley’s Chocolates were sold to the UK’s Rowntree Company in 1972, which closed the Adelaide plant in 1985. Nestlé bought Rowntree in 1989 and have been manufacturing the Violet Crumble in Cambellfield, Melbourne ever since.

“With our expertise, we can ensure that Violet Crumble is produced with no change to the recipe and with the same passion and affinity Australian’s have had towards the brand since 1913,” said Phil Sims, Chief Executive of Robert Menz.

They expect to be up and manufacturing from the new site by September.

As with the return of Vegemite back into Australian hands, this is a significant moment, and many Australians will be pleased to know that they can support Australian jobs buying the iconic Violet Crumble again.

We are so happy to see these wonderful iconic brands returning to Australian ownership. Go and grab a Violet Crumble – it is time to celebrate!

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